Peace world! Welcome to Will’s Expressions

This site is all about creative freedom, truth, empowerment, and growth. You will get a glimpse of my life, hobbies, and deepest passions through my illustrations, writing, and videos.

I am a fun-loving, creative, illustrator, and cartoonist from the Greater Los Angeles area. I love God, family, art, music, and making a difference in the world. At the age of three, my parents recognized that I had a gift for drawing.  I stared drawing Mickey Mouse, Marvel characters, and other cartoons. Eventually, I created my own characters. In addition, Hip Hop culture greatly influenced my pieces growing up. I remember seeing colorful murals of my favorite Hip Hop artists, and using those images as inspiration for my own work.

Growing up my gift was for not only entertainment, self-expression, and helping others, but it also kept me positive. I love to teach the youth how to use their passions in the same way. I plan to use all that God gave me to change the world. My clients know me for my custom artwork and commitment to satisfaction. I am committed to giving my clients what they want.

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