What Can I Create For You ?

A uniquely illustrated logo that will help you stand out from other brands.

Will's Expressions

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Illustrations and...

...Creative Designs...

...For everyone.


Since I like to think big, I like to bring to you and yours my merchandise ranging from quality apparel to all sorts of accessories.

I want to see my artwork on shirts, sweaters, shoes, jackets, skateboards, mugs, and so much more. I print my artwork on two print on demand platforms, and guarantee top quality material shipped to my customers. I’ll even customize personal designs for my clients, and make sure they’re getting the satisfaction that I promise. Someday I will start a clothing line along with accessories for one brand, but for right now I’d like to produce to the world a variety of designs originally from my imagination. I’m a visionary bringing something new and unique to the table! 

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